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Baptist Health South Florida is proud of its mission to provide excellent service to all our patients and their families.

We provide financial assistance based on income, family size and assets for medically necessary services.

Out of all the singles you may meet online, very few are actually compatible with you, and it can be difficult to determine the level of compatibility of a potential partner through traditional online dating methods.

Determining compatibility could take years of interaction.

In 1638, Roger Williams established the first Baptist congregation in the North American colonies.

During the Protestant Reformation, the Church of England (Anglicans) separated from the Roman Catholic Church.

There were some Christians who were not content with the achievements of the mainstream Protestant Reformation.

Diverse from their beginning, those identifying as Baptists today differ widely from one another in what they believe, how they worship, their attitudes toward other Christians, and their understanding of what is important in Christian discipleship.

Thomas Helwys formulated a distinctively Baptist request that the church and the state be kept separate in matters of law, so that individuals might have freedom of religion.

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    She is a partner who understands my lifestyle and adds value to me rather than stifling me, which is the case in so many marriages today. We are trying to invoke the possibility of getting exactly what you want from your relationship, even if that isn't what society dictates.

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    Most people on zero hours contracts are not on them by choice, new TUC polling has revealed. The construction union high court case for unlawful conspiracy is against David Cochrane, Cullum Mc Alpine, Danny O’Sullivan and Stephen Quant.