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This was largely based on the writings of Íñigo Quílez.

Programming language, 2016 An implementation of the Logo programming language, based around spherical geometry.

Looking back now, I can't really see what I thought was wrong with it. Generated images, 2017 I've started doing daily "sketches" - small pieces of code which generate a single image, usually pretty abstract. I wrote up some notes on the first thirty sketches.

Twitter bot, 2016-2017 I played around with moody renderings of fractal architectural forms, using a CPU-based path tracer that I wrote in Julia.

To exorcise it, I made this bot, which generates random versions of the chorus.

I revisited this project, and it now produces sung video clips, using Festival's singing mode. Twitter bot, 2016 I tried glitching up some flags, by running a Markov Chain-like algorithm over SVG versions of national flags, as taken from Wikipedia.

Twitter bot, 2016 An experiment with the codebase behind @unchartedatlas and The Deserts of the West.Twitter bot, 2016 I trained a neural network (Andrej Karphathy's char-rnn) on the Oxford English Dictionary and asked it to hallucinate new definitions.I was mostly impressed that it managed to deduce the rules of English pronunciation.Logo is traditionally used with a turtle, which lives on a Euclidean plane.I decided to play around with a different kind of geometry.

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