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“I couldn’t say that it has never happened in our business but it is extremely rare,” he says claiming it is just as likely to happen in Hollywood. some studios do like to see the models and they would ask for a ‘go-see’ which is as simple as that going to see someone.It might last 10 minutes: a girl shows up, sees the person, they chat, they understand a little bit about their personality.Overseeing and managing the pay of his clients is part of his job.The pay for adult performers is not set in stone, and usually vastly depends on what they are willing to do.A company’s studios would offer a particular girl a much higher rate to induce her to accept the offer to shoot that kind of scene.That’s always been the case, but in the past few years a number of different studios have put a lot of prominence on those kind of scenes and the rates offered to models to do that have increased markedly." And what is premium rate?Hay says it is pretty straightforward: studios call up after seeing one of the models on their website.

There are fashions and trends in porn just like in everything else, like music and clothing ...

about eight years ago, this phenomenon came along and it has never gone away. Pretty much any girl who is in the business and gets to her late twenties is going to get offered work that typecast her as ‘milf'.

More specifically, if you are a performer who comes in the business in your twenties you could potentially stay in until you are generally mid thirties, with some exceptions girls like Julia Ann and Jessica Drake who are real standout stars." So how does he decide what actors and models LA Direct will represent?

The fact that an adult actress could be paid more to do her first scene with a black performer is something that stands out and seems remarkably offensive to someone not in the business. A girl might say 'I’m not comfortable to do that' and later in her career may say she is.

When pressed about this, Hay insisted there is "no race element" to the higher pay being offered. Later along the way a company may offer her money to incentivise her to do it …

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